Fabrication and Installation

Canvas Specialty to provide a one (1) year prorated manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturing workmanship. Please contact your salesperson for more information.


Installation shall be performed by client.

Manufacturer Inspection

The materials used by CANVAS SPECIALTY to manufacture its products are known to be first quality material goods. CANVAS SPECIALTY has inspected all value added labor performed. Unless otherwise specified, CANVAS SPECIALTY does not inspect roll goods or other products requiring no manufacturing. CANVAS SPECIALTY is not responsible for the quality of Customer Furnished Materials (CFM) received or other materials not provided by CANVAS SPECIALTY.

Customer Inspection

Customers are advised to inspect all products received from CANVAS SPECIALTY to insure accuracy. CANVAS SPECIALTY guarantees its products to be dimensionally accurate and in conformance with customer approved and/or customer supplied plans.

Payment Within Terms

With respect to Canvas Specialty’s receipt of payment from Client, time is of the essence. If Client does not strictly adhere to the payment terms outlined in the body of Canvas Specialty’s quote, Canvas Specialty may terminate all of its warranty obligations and invalidate the warranty terms outlined below.


CANVAS SPECIALTY is a member of the International Fabrics Association International (IFAI), and the Western Canvas Products Association (WCPA), with all of the industry benefits there from.

Client Warranty
Cover Warranty

CANVAS SPECIALTY warrants the manufacturing workmanship on fabric panel(s) and frames provided on CLIENT PROJECT for a period of one (1) year prorated from the date of original shipment. Each fabric panel is warranted against seam failure under normal and careful use. This warranty does not include repair or replacement of a fabric panel which has been subject to: misuse, neglect, improper handling, lack of maintenance, rough or improper treatment, exposure to deleterious chemicals or compounds, fire, theft, vandalism and/or Acts of God. Further, this warranty does not extend to fabric panel damages sustained by improper use. Only those Covers produced by CANVAS SPECIALTY, which have a valid manufacturers label with a manufacturing date and lot number, shall be included in this Warranty. This Warranty does not extend to the repairs performed on a fabric panel. Once a fabric panel has sustained damage and has been modified or repaired, all coverage under this Warranty ceases.

Warranty for Fabric

Canvas Specialty warrants to the Purchaser that Canvas Specialty manufactured products are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and services. The obligation of Canvas Specialty under this warranty is limited to, at its option, allowance for credit, repair or replacement, to the extent and for the time periods stated below, of any part or parts manufactured by Canvas Specialty, which may prove defective under normal use and service. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential damages or claims for labor.

Should defects as aforesaid occur within a period following the date of delivery to the customer; Canvas Specialty will assume a pro-rata percentage of the cost or repair or replacement based on the warranty coverage offered by the fabric supplier. The cost of the repair or replacement, will be based upon the original sales price to the customer, provided the customer may pay the remaining portion due.

For purposes hereof, the term of said warranty shall begin to run from the date of delivery of the merchandise to the Purchaser. This warranty is provided as an accommodation to the Purchaser and should not be construed as reflecting the life expectancy of the merchandise. All warranties shall be invalid if the Purchaser or its agents or representatives shall fail to comply with the Manufacturer’s instructions, specifications or recommendations.

Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not apply to any defect due to the loads in excess of those for which the merchandise was designed. This warranty does not apply to any merchandise which has been subject to misuse, alteration, accident, negligence or has been moved from its original place of installation. This warranty does not apply if the defects or failure are caused by abnormal weather conditions, acts of God, falling objects, explosions, fire, riots, civil commotion, external forces, faulty or inadequate foundations or soil bearing, acts of war, radiation, harmful fumes or foreign substances in the atmosphere, corrosion or floods.

To assure that a Canvas Specialty technical representative can determine the cause of any alleged defect and take appropriate steps for timely corrective measures, any claim for breach of warranty hereunder shall be made and presented to Canvas Specialty in writing within a period of 30 days following the discovery of the alleged defe ct, failing which, the foregoing warranty shall be void and of no effect whatever. Canvas Specialty shall have the right to inspect merchandise claimed to be defective, and all warranties shall be invalid if Canvas Specialty is denied such right to inspect the goods furnished, whether or not Purchaser has exercised his warranty privilege.

Exclusion of Other Warranties

EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTY SET FORTH ABOVE, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, APPLICABLE TO MERCHANDISE COVERED HEREBY. Correction on non-conformities in the manner and for the period of time provided above shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Manufacturer to Purchaser, whether based on contract, negligence or otherwise with respect to, or arising out of such merchandise. NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS AT ANY TIME MADE BY ANY REPRESENTATIVE, DEALER, AGENT OR ANY OTHER PERSON SHALL BE EFFECTIVE TO VARY OR EXPAND THE ABOVE EXPRESS WARRANTY OR ANY OTHER TERMS HEREOF.

Limit of Liability
Limit of Liability

CANVAS SPECIALTY is responsible for manufacturing products in a manner conforming to customer approved dimensional accuracy, customer approved materials selection and for manufacturing products to Industry Standards. All value added manufacturing labor, materials, installation, freight or other efforts performed by anyone other than CANVAS SPECIALTY is the sole responsibility of that person, company, or organization. If a product supplied by CANVAS SPECIALTY is found to contain a manufacturing defect, CANVAS SPECIALTY will replace only the product found to be defective. CANVAS SPECIALTY is not responsible for value-added labor, materials, installation, freight, effort, or other costs provided or incurred by others.

Canvas Specialty shall not be liable in contract or in tort (including negligence) for a loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment or facilities, cost of capital, or for any special indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature resulting from or in any manner relating to the fabric covered hereby, its design, use any inability to use the same or any delay in delivery of the same, it being understood and agreed that the sole and exclusive remedy with respect to defective merchandise shall be the repair, correction or replacement thereof pursuant to the foregoing provisions.

Standard Terms

Standard terms are 50% deposit with order and the balance due on delivery, Ex-Works. Terms with approved credit information will be qualified for Net 10 days. All C.O.D. shipments will require a certified check or money order for payment.


Sales tax is not included in Canvas Specialty prices and is additional where applicable unless signed certificates of exemption are furnished.


Client should designate method and carrier. If no preference is indicated, Canvas Specialty will assign a carrier without assuming responsibility for differences in time or expense. C.O.D. shipments must be paid subject to Canvas Specialty’s terms regardless of method of transportation. All prices are quoted Ex-works Los Angeles.


Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. All authorized returns are subject to inspection to determine responsibility for return. A 25% restocking charge will be assessed if a return was not the responsibility of Canvas Specialty.

Important Freight Information

1. Check all Bill of Lading information before signing for shipments.
2. Have the driver make a record of any shortages of damaged merchandise on your receipt.
3. File a claim wit the driver for a shortage or damage.
4. Should you discover a shortage or damaged merchandise when unpacking merchandise, contact the freight carrier at once to file a claim.

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