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    The largest of the Matrix tents, the M-Series (M-1000 and M-2000), with their sloped majestic peaks and classic lines, speaks to the architectural lineage of these dramatic tension tents.

    Comprised of modular panels and interchangeable components, the M-Series create a truly stunning first impression for your special event. The high peak design of the M-Series provides maximum ceiling height and wonderful unobstructed interior space that let you create the perfect event events that say, Wow! - both inside and out.
    M-Series tents features include:

  • White or Clear Tension Tent Tops
  • Maximum ceiling height
  • Limited interior obstruction
  • Sizes ranging from 40 to 120 wide with unlimited lengths

    The M-Series is both a work of art and a wonderfully functional space. Designed to meet the demands of large corporate and special events, the M-Series provides stability and strength far greater than traditional tents.

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    M1000/M2000 Pole Tents

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