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    Canvas Specialty is a leader in the design and manufacture of attractive, resilient and wholly unique awnings, canopies and specialty covers. Canvas Specialty individually assesses each client coverage need and uses planning documents, CAD systems, detailed data sheets and accurate scheduling and pricing information to assure creative and efficient solutions.

    We can provide a wide array of fabrics and frame styles to fit any coverage requirement. Entrance canopies, dining-areas canopies, roll-up walls and protective awnings made from today?s durable, colorful, colorfast fabrics are a great way to enhance ambiance and complement your d?cor. Your choice of design, colors and graphics will increase visibility and help advertise your business.

    NEW CSI Classification #107300, #107313, #107316, #107323, #107326, #107343, #133100, #133123, #133133 and #133423.

    Former CSI Classification #10530, #10536, #10538, #02875, #13120 and #13130.




    Awnings Brochures:
    Awning Increasing your Guests' Confort
    Awning Flyer
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